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    PDF to SVG Conversion

    A PDF is like a screenshot of a document, which allows it to look the same across all operating systems. Because all operating systems support PDFs, you can share them with pretty much anyone, and the file will open and look the same as it does on the original system.

    SVGs are quite different. SVGs are vector-based image files. Vector images don’t have pixels, which is what people usually first think of when they think of images. Instead of pixels, SVGs are made up of points, lines, curves, and polygons. These shapes are described in XML code and a piece of vector image software interprets this code and displays an image. SVGs are incredibly useful because they are infinitely scalable. This means you can make an SVG as big as you want (billboards, sports stadium screens, etc.) and the image won’t lose any quality.

    Why would you want to convert PDF to SVG?

    Because SVGs are scalable, they would be a better format if you wanted to make the pages of a PDF much larger. Since most PDFs are just pages of black text on a white background, it is fairly easy to convert this to an SVG using that format’s points, lines, and curves to recreate the text.

    However, if your PDF pages are filled with complicated images, your results for this conversion process will vary. Photographs, especially, will not convert to SVG well. Simple icons, graphs, and other basic imagery should do OK, though.

    How to convert PDF to SVG for free?

    The conversion tool on this page will quickly and easily convert your PDF files to SVGs for free. You can upload as many PDFs as you need and there will be no watermarks on your exported SVGs. We don’t even require you to enter your email!

    To get started, drag and drop your PDFs onto the “Drop Your Files Here” field. If your system doesn’t support drag-and-drop, hit the “UPLOAD FILES” button instead.

    You can upload up to 20 multi-page PDFs at once. If you have more than 20 files to convert, you can upload more batches after the first batch of 20. You just need to limit your uploads to 20 PDFs at one time.

    Once your files have been uploaded, they’ll be sent to the queue. You’ll then see our server converting each page of the PDF into an SVG in real time. When each conversion is complete, a “DOWNLOAD” button will appear under that thumbnail. If you hit this button, you’ll get a ZIP file with each page of the PDF as a new SVG file.

    If you uploaded multiple PDFs, we recommend waiting until all the conversions are finished. When they’re done, hit the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button. This will get you a ZIP archive with all the conversions in one convenient location.

    If you would like to do more conversions, just hit the “CLEAR QUEUE” button and repeat these steps.

    Converting PDF to SVG: Is it safe?

    You can rest assured that our conversion tool is completely safe. Our server will not alter your original PDFs, so if there are problems with the conversion, your master files will be unchanged. Additionally, our fully automated server will purge all data after 60 minutes, which ensures your sensitive data stays private.